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Menstrual Dysfunction

Abnormal menstruation is probably the most common reason women consult a gynaecologist.

Menstrual problems are varied and impact on women differently depending on their age, culture, family circumstances, personality and work pattern.

The common menstrual problems we cater for include:

  1. absent periods
  2. scanty periods
  3. irregular periods
  4. heavy periods
  5. painful periods
  6. bleeding in-between periods
  7. bleeding after sex
  8. continuous vaginal bleeding
  9. premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

 We provide a comprehensive range of investigations for these problems mostly as outpatient procedures for your convenience and flexibility.

We also provide the full range of treatment options including:

  1. Counselling
  2. Hormonal treatment
  3. Medical treatment
  4. Surgical treatment (mostly keyhole surgery)


For more information on menstrual dysfunction please click on the following link: Menstrual Dysfunction.